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You Can"t See Me is a catchphrase và taunt said by professional wrestler John Cena. The line is accompanied by a gesture in which Cena waves his open hand in front of his face. The catchphrase is meant khổng lồ indicate that Cena is too quick for his opponents khổng lồ see his actions coming. Online, however, jokes about the catchphrase involve people joking as though they literally cannot see John Cena.


Cena has stated that the catchphrase and gesture was inspired by his little brother, who imitated a dance move from an unspecified video where a performer moves his head around his hands.<1> His brother dared him to vị the move on television, which Cena did in the early 2000s on the WWE sub-show, Velocity. Since then, it has become a signature part of his character, và in matches, he generally does the taunt before performing one of his signature moves, the Five Knuckle Shuffle (example shown below, right).


"You Can"t See Me" has become a signature phrase of John Cena. His debut rap album bore the title You Can"t See Me. In 2005, WWE ran a "You Can"t See Me" gimmick match with Cena in which Cena wore a bag over his head (shown below, right).

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Online, the catchphrase has become a meme associated with Cena, generally in jokes in which he phrase is taken literally, as though one actually cannot see John Cena (examples shown below).


Inquiries about the phrase have been posted lớn /r/OutOfTheLoop<2> và Quora.<3>



<1> WWE – The story behind John Cena’s ‘You Can’t See Me’ taunt

<2> Reddit – /r/outoftheloop

<3> Quora – Can somebody explain to me about "John Cena you can"t see me" joke?

In LA last night, Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage during his performance. The suspect was later taken khổng lồ the hospital with a bloody face and broken arm, inspiring memes & reactions.

Mating Press is a position that is believed lớn be expressly used for procreation, as seen in the decades-long history of it"s use in a specific sub-genre of online adult entertainment.

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