&Lsquo;The World Of The Married&Rsquo; Couple&Rsquo;S Finale Fate: Was It Any Good?

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A train wreck in the best way possible, The World of the Married is a drama with full blown craziness in all its glory.No matter how beautiful a woman is. No matter how successful she is in her work life. No matter, how good she handles her house and children. No matter how smart, considerate, kind she is. Cheating men will cheat. Và then most of the time that woman has to giảm giá with friends and family who will tell her khổng lồ forgive the man, innocently selfish children who will ask her to compromise, outsiders who will gossip & an unapologetic man who will think it is his right lớn cheat. She"ll be left with a destroyed family, broken pride và a stamp of a woman who couldn"t handle her marriage.This drama tells the story of what happens when you mess with the wrong woman.Sun Woo is ruthless and takes no prisoners when it comes lớn revenge. Giving a new meaning lớn "Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned", she is obsessive, borderline psychotic, scarily intelligent, calculating & even selfish but at the same time she is incredibly strong, bearing và someone who"s been hurt in the most profound manner.Kim Hee Ae"s acting is beyond phenomenal, not unexpected from a four time Daesang winner. She hits every emotion on the spectrum to the point you are fully attuned with her character. She will make you love her fiercely, frustrate you khổng lồ no end, question her motives, pity her and even hate her. The shock value in this drama is no joke. Things that you haven"t imagined in your wildest dreams happen in the most iconic fashion and you"re just left with your mouth hanging. There"s no passive watching this drama, for it wrenches feelings out of you. You"d be screaming at the screen, tearing at your hair and will probably think of throwing your phone at the wall once or twice.Every aspect is exceptionally executed. Where there is emotion, you"ll be crying your heart out. Where there is thrill, you"ll be biting your nails khổng lồ stubs. Where there is suspense, you would be sitting at the edge of your seat. Where there are makeout scenes, the entire room will feel hot.None of the characters in this show are truly likable. The moment you start warming up to someone, they"ll vì chưng something khổng lồ screw you over. These people are extremely complex, selfish, vindictive, weak- human nature at its worst and that"s the beauty of the show.The music is amazing and added in just at the right moments. The writing plus dialogues are crisp (pretty loyal to lớn the original series) but the direction và delivery by the actors takes the cake.It"s impossible lớn stop, once you start watching it & it maintains the tension from beginning to kết thúc with never a draggy moment.A true masterpiece, that explores the dark waters of marriage, relationships và being human, it is not reccomended for people who can only root for righteous & wholly good characters. For this drama, leave your moral compass behind or it will explode.Lastly, the drama beautifully succeeds in delivering its point:Cheating is NOT ok và you don"t have lớn forgive it. No matter how weak you get, no matter how hard it is (and it will be) no matter what the world says, no matter how much history you have, you don"t have lớn compromise. No excuse should be enough.The world of married is a place where there are no winners, you just have to vì chưng what"s right by you. Because, before being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a working woman: you are your own person.

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