So I just finished volume 17 and it ended on a huge cliffhanger I went to download volume 18 but couldn't find it does anyone know how lớn read it lặng fine even buying this one because im so hyped for it I tried finding it amazon pls help it was released way back in năm 2016 so surely its translated already?

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You can't 'buy' vol 18 in English yet because the official translation are barely at vol 14, what you have been reading are most likely the fan ones :O You can find most of vol18 already translated here in the Sub3qbavuong.vn's archive, but is probably not around in many other places as it's not 100% done yet, literally the last parts are still being translated, if you must know.

EDIT: I was just told apparnetly the incomplete vol18 isn't in the archive, which I could have sworn it was, so have a direct link to the translator's site instead:


I was wondering hwo long untill its complete idk what eplilouge means I jsut read 3 volumes yesterday for real reading progressive is epilouge just that stuff at kết thúc with like THANK YOU FOR READING i JUST WANNA finish alicization aready currently reading sao progressive its dope

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Defan finished translating Volume 18


Download PDF/EPUB version of SAO LNs up to volume 18


User: SAO

Password: Alicization

You don't pay as soon as you subscribe or atleast that's what they say when you make the account on Scribd. You have to give them your account/card details & then you can use Scribd không lấy phí for a month and then you will automatically be charged a fee after a month. They also say you can cancel the payment stuff before the không tính phí month period expires but I never liked the idea of putting my thẻ details on sites lượt thích this so I never did it. If it was paying directly when I was downloading then it was different issue but saving such important details with the site is not something I like.


The official sub3qbavuong.vn to lớn discuss the Sword Art Online series, as well as the other series (Accel World, The Isolator) written by Reki Kawahara.

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