Few watches carry such a luster of luxury and class as the Orient Sun & Moon. Even fewer can do so at an affordable price point (under $500).

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Combining a mix of a traditional dress watch and a modern executive style, the Orient Sun and Moon is a veritable compliment magnet. This is a watch that will get you the full attention you deserve.

If you’re in the market for one of these bad boys, you’re thinking along the right track. But there’s so many different versions today that are called the “Orient Sun và Moon” – so which one should you get?

A handsome conversation-starterNot you – the Orient Sun và the Moon

In this guide, I’m going khổng lồ show you all the current models (as of 2021), and highlight their distinctive features.

Also, we’re going lớn look at the qualities shared by all the Sun & Moon models so that you can better appreciate what Orient has given us. Enjoy!

Orient Sun and Moon nhận xét
Version 1 (v1) – The Original
Version 2 (v2) – Restyle
Version 3 (v3) – Movement tăng cấp
Version 4 (v4) – Arabic Numerals
Sun & Moon Contemporary – v1 Reborn
Sun và Moon open Heart
Sun and Moon Petite – Quartz Version
Which Version Should You Get?
Final Thoughts: Hail the Sun & the Moon!

Orient Sun and Moon Review

The Orient Sun và Moon is a dress watch with multiple complications that make it a pleasure khổng lồ look at every time.

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The display is done elegantly by a reputable manufacturer with an exquisite eye for detail made lớn enhance your pleasure in wearing it.

The Orient Sun & Moon gives you the look and feel of an expensive automatic moonphase without the hefty price tag

Here’s what to lớn look for when you’re buying the best version of the Sun and Moon:

Sun và Moon Complication

This is the center of attention of any version that you get. It’s not the most functional feature, but it will give you a tremendous amount of satisfaction to look at.

v1 champagne dial with blued hands

The hands on the v1 are a traditional dauphine style, which is found on many dress watches; the blued hands are my favorite of any model.

At 41.5mm in diameter and 13.29mm thick, the v1 is the smallest of the Sun & Moon series. In my opinion this is as large as these watches should be. The subsequent versions go up in kích cỡ and thickness, & we don’t see a return to the v1 form size until the Contemporary.

Sun and Moon v1 Specs

VersionSun and Moon v1
MovementOrient Calibre 46B46
Case Diameter41.5 mm
Case Thickness13.29 mm
Band Width21 mm

v1 Models

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