In your sentences, on is the correct preposition & in is the incorrect one. This is a bit tricky.

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"He passed away on March 5" is correct. "He passed away in the morning" is also correct. However, in your sentence, "the morning" is a characteristic possessed by March 5, "March 5"s morning," as it were. (Note that we would never say "March 5"s morning"; I"m just using it to lớn help illustrate that we"re using a khung of the possessive here). So, "He passed away on the morning of March 5" ("on March 5"s morning") is correct.

If we turn things around a bit it may help to make things a bit more clear: since "he passed away on March 5 in the morning" is correct, it follows that "he passed away in the morning on March 5" is also correct.

A couple of additional observations:

He passed away some time in the three hours prior to lớn Joe"s arrival.He passed away at 10 am on March 5.

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You say "in the morning/in the afternoon/in the evening". These indications of time stand alone & the concept is in + period of time.

It is another thing for "on the morning of the first of May". Here the concept of date/on this day prevails và has become the accepted expression.

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2, it seems none of the answers explain why is it lượt thích that, what are the rules, what"s the usage, and no-one provided references. I will elaborate and will post my investigation, as I did here at ELU.

Just to cut the long story short, for this specific case: "on" is the correct preposition & "in" is the incorrect one.

"The morning of" functions as an adjectival phrase clarifying the specific time và date "on March 5". "On" is used because it belongs khổng lồ the date here, specific part of the day.

The normal language constructions would be:

on + date (with the year or without it) or day of the weekin + morning, afternoon, evening (in the morning, in the evening)

But, when we talk about a specific morning, afternoon, or when we describe the part of the day it should be used with on:

on the morning of ,

You can"t say "I will see you on the morning" - it"s incorrect.

here"s the reference for more examples:

In or on?

We use in with morning, afternoon, evening and night, but we use on when we talk about a specific morning, afternoon, etc., or when we describe the part of the day.

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