I Tried A Famous Lip Mask And It Transformed My Chapped Lips

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The product comes with .70 ounces of the mask and a spatula. Amanda Krause/3qbavuong.vn

From there, I opened the lip mask and dipped the spatula in to use it for the first time. I personally loved the scent of the product, which reminded me of watermelon-flavored candy but didn"t taste like it. I also liked the fact that I didn"t have to use my hands to apply it.

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I appreciated how my dry lips felt soothed of any irritation immediately after applying just one layer of the mask. The balm truly absorbed into my lips, keeping them moisturized even after a full night of sleep.

Kendall Jenner was right — it"s a great product to keep in your bag and use daily

While I love how the product works overnight, my favorite feature of the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is how quickly it works during the day. I used it for a week straight, and I saw noticeable results even when I only wore it for a few hours.

One day, for example, my lips were dry and starting to flake. I applied the lip mask, wore it for about three hours, and then checked to see if there was any difference. To my surprise, all the flakiness was gone, and my lips looked plump, healthy, and moisturized.

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These photos were taken over the course of approximately three hours. Amanda Krause/3qbavuong.vn

And like Jenner said, it really does make your lips look shiny, almost like a lip gloss.

Because of that, I found that it"s perfect to keep in your bag and use whenever the weather gets the best of your skin, or you just want a pop of shine.

I personally love wearing this mask as a lip gloss. Amanda Krause/3qbavuong.vn

After using the lip mask for a week, I now completely understand the hype surrounding this product and would buy it again. It also makes perfect sense to me why a model like Jenner would rely on it as part of her daily beauty routine. My only regret is that I didn"t try it sooner.

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