Dragon Ball Super Chap 47: Ma Bư Quyết Chiến Với Moro, Cứu Nguy Cho Goku Và Vegeta Bàn Thua Trông Thấy

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The events that will take place in “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 47 will increase the stakes further as Moro is now inching closer into each Namekian village. The horned villain means lớn acquire all seven dragon balls and so far he has three in his possession, Viz portrayed.

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And with the current village expected to lớn fall next, Moro essentially needs three more before he can summon the great long Shenron. What’s worse, the trump card that the Namekians were hoping khổng lồ stop the planet-eater got killed in a single blow. With Goku and Vegeta sidelined, “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 47 might have Boo stepping up to the plate to confront Moro.

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The previous chapter already revealed that the plump character has finally snapped out of his stupor and is ravaging the food supplies of the Galactic Patrol. Boo will be an integral part of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc since he’s the one who ate Daikaioh, the god who successfully sealed Moro for 10 million years. Will “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 47 have Boo exchange blows with Moro right away?

That remains to be seen. It’s expected that “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 47 might provide more information about Moro and how exactly did Daikaioh manage to lớn put him out for so long. Moro previously mentioned that the Great Lord of Lords stole his abilities.

While this has only been glanced over in one panel, it’s an interesting piece of information. Until now, Moro’s skill that gravely threatens a planet is his ability khổng lồ absorb its very life force & use it as a direct attack. Could “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 47 reveal a far more devastating ability that was taken from Moro?

Fans will just have khổng lồ read the next release lớn confirm this speculation. Fortunately, readers won’t have to wait long as “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 47 has been slated for release on April 20.

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