Amazon launches a new Buy 2, Get 1 free sale that includes a variety of video games, including titles like Elden Ring và Tiny Tina"s Wonderlands.

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Every once in a while, retail giant Amazon hosts a Buy 2, Get 1 không tính tiền promotion that lets its shoppers get a pretty good khuyễn mãi giảm giá on various products. Now that it's April 2022, Amazon has launched yet another Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal and while it encompasses a wide range of products, it also includes plenty of đoạn phim games. For a limited time, Amazon shoppers can buy two clip games and get one free, including some of the latest releases.

The Amazon Buy 2, Get 1 video games giảm giá doesn't include every trò chơi on the site, but it does feature some of the latest & greatest titles. In fact, the critically-acclaimed Elden Ring is part of the lineup, not khổng lồ mention the recently released Ghostwire: Tokyo & Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. Anyone that's been itching khổng lồ play these new games should definitely try khổng lồ take advantage of the promotion while they still can, though it's unclear how long it will last. Anyone interested should click here khổng lồ see all the clip games Amazon has on offer for its latest Buy 2, Get 1 không tính phí sale.

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There is one downside to the latest Amazon Buy 2, Get 1 không lấy phí sale that shoppers should keep in mind. Whereas the previous Amazon Buy 2, Get 1 không tính phí sale included many Nintendo-published games, the latest one does not.

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Amazon Buy 2, Get 1 không tính phí Games for April 2022


Generally speaking, Nintendo games are usually left out of these kinds of đơn hàng and promotions. However, the previous Amazon Buy 2, Get 1 miễn phí sale was an exception, as it allowed users khổng lồ buy games lượt thích Pokemon Legends: Arceus, New Pokemon Snap, Luigi's Mansion 3, and Metroid Dread. These games aren't included in the latest deal, but that doesn't mean that there are no Nintendo Switch titles to choose from at all.

Switch games like Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Monster Hunter Rise, and the recently released Rune Factory 5 are all a part of the latest promotion. So while some of the more high profile Nintendo Switch exclusives aren't up for grabs, at least Nintendo gamers aren't completely left out.

It's unclear how long this latest Amazon Buy 2, Get 1 miễn phí promotion will last, and it's also unclear when the next one will be, but rest assured, more are on the way. Amazon hosts these kinds of giao dịch multiple times per year, so if Amazon customers were lớn miss out on the latest one, there's always the next go-around.

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