Save The Apple Store In Saigon

Apple Stores are iconic stores of the company. Each store is a special architectural work where hãng apple fans can come khổng lồ not only buy and experience táo products but also visit và take "check-in" pictures. Many táo bị cắn dở fans in Vietnam wonder when will Apple xuất hiện stores in the country.

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When this question is raised khổng lồ local tech-product retailers, all of them say that táo apple is increasing its presence in Vietnam and is paying more attention lớn the market of nearly 100 million people. The opening of hãng apple Store in Vietnam is likely khổng lồ come soon.

On the opening day of four TopZone stores that sell only táo bị cắn dở products in Hanoi and hồ chí minh City in mid-October, Doan Van Hieu Em - CEO of mobile World – said that the opening of the chain came from the plans of both mobile World và Apple. The retailer expects lớn have 60 TopZone stores across the country by the first quarter of 2022.

Apple distributes its products through the following models: táo bị cắn dở Store, apple Mono Store, AAR (Apple Authorized Retailer), và APR (Apple Premium Retailer). In Vietnam, the AAR model is the most common with many stores run by điện thoại World, FPT Shop, Viettel Store, CellphoneS, mobile Viet, Minh Tuan và others.

As for the Mono Store model, which sells only táo bị cắn products, táo bị cắn dở has cooperated with sản phẩm điện thoại World (4 stores), ShopDunk (6 stores), Future World (5 stores), F.Studio (15 stores) and eDigi (1 store).

Before its cooperation with điện thoại World to mở cửa the TopZone chain, táo khuyết has made many moves lớn increase its presence in Vietnam in the last two years.

Apple has cooperated with more local partners to mở cửa AAR stores, including smartphone Viet và Minh Tuan Mobile. For distribution of táo bị cắn dở products, besides Viettel Distribution và Synnex FPT, apple has worked with PHTD và Digiworld to lớn expand the Vietnamese market.

In terms of operations, táo bị cắn dở has expanded its direct presence in Vietnam by recruiting many employees in charge of different fields.

In terms of goods, this year official sales of iPhone 13 began nearly a month earlier than previous years.

According to Doan Van Hieu Em, besides Singapore, Vietnam may be the second most noticed market in Southeast Asia for Apple.

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Pham Tuan Anh of Shopdunk system said that Apple"s growth in Vietnam has surpassed many countries in the region và even ranks among the đứng đầu countries globally.

Based on recent developments, retailers believe that sales of iPhone, iPad & many other hãng apple product lines will grow in Vietnam in the near future. This may urge táo khuyết to nâng cấp the ranking of Vietnam in its global market map.

“Apple currently divides countries and territories into three levels. The most important level includes countries like the US, Singapore, China, etc. The second level consists of countries lượt thích Thailand, while Vietnam is at màn chơi 3,” Hieu Em said.

The sản phẩm điện thoại World CEO predicted that Vietnam might be on the same level with đất nước thái lan in the next two years.

In Southeast Asia, hãng apple has opened two táo apple Stores in Singapore and one hãng apple Store in Thailand. The opening of an táo bị cắn Store in Vietnam may be possible in the next few years.

Apple has more than 500 táo bị cắn Stores worldwide, with more than half of them in the US. China (including Hong Kong, Macao) ranks second with 50 stores, followed by the European market.

The design & materials of all Mono Store stores in Vietnam must be approved by apple in terms of design & materials. Employees have to lớn attend hãng apple training courses. These stores meet Apple"s global standards in many aspects.

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