On how her music is different than f(x)

“Storywise, it’s a lot more personal because it’s me writing from my experiences or the experiences that have been shared with me.

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On the same element as the group, f(x) was all about experimentation. Just trying to lớn make these weird sounds work. I’m still taking that mission statement & applying it to myself và my own solo career. I was just listening khổng lồ some of our albums a while ago, & I was like, ‘Wow. This is really edgy.’ f(x) is extremely experimental. I don’t even know how the producers came up with that stuff. I just hope to lớn be a branch off of that, & hopefully flip it the best in my own way.”

On her dream collaborations

“My biggest dream is Tori Kelly. I love Tori Kelly. The ongoing joke with a lot of my fans is I’ll just sit in a room with her. She can sing. I’ll just be the little quack or the meow at the over of the song. I would love lớn work with Beenzino, who is a really good friend of mine. He’s a rapper in Korea. He’s awesome. Also a lot of my friends, lượt thích Eric Nam, Ailee, Peniel from BtoB, we’ve always been talking.

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The right time hasn’t come yet. We’re getting there.”

On how she still listens lớn f(x)’s music

“I have to listen khổng lồ it pretty often because my friends play it to pick on me. Cause they’ll start playing the hits, like ‘Hot Summer,’ ‘Nu ABO’ or ‘Four Walls,’ and I’m like, ‘You know what, guys! I’m sick of hearing these songs. I’ve performed everyday for so long! Can I show you the cool songs that I think are on the album?’ and it goes into this whole rabbit hole of us digging into the B-side tracks. It’s fun because I’m like, ‘I remember this one session! It was so cool! & we did this!’ It’s fun khổng lồ reminisce about those times. I talk khổng lồ the girls here và there. We talk about these things. We were like, ‘Man. We were so young.’”

On recording music in different languages

“My last EP, X, we had a Chinese version of a song called ‘Curiosity.’ My mom always wants me to sing in Chinese because she doesn’t speak English very well. I was like, ‘I really want to vì chưng a Mandarin version for my mom.’ For my upcoming releases, I do have a couple. In the technical way, it’s a lot more planning. With the shifty tracks in the vault already, we’re always trying to pick out the ones that we feel are the best for the album. On top of that, we make different versions. Because I know that I have fans all over the world. I vì want lớn sing for everybody. Learning a language is heard.”

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